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How To Build a Small Dog House 2012

All dogs are not in need of a dog house, because some are inside dogs. Many of your smaller dogs fall into this category. Several of these dogs wouldn’t survive outdoors, especially in some areas where there are life-threatening temperatures. There are, although, some smaller dogs that are kept outside. The smaller your dog, the more protection it will need from the elements. If you have one or more of these dogs, you probably will want to know how to build a small dog house.

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When you decide to build your furry friend their own little home, there are some really important aspects you need to consider. How severe is the temperature where you live? If it’s hot and dry where you live, always try to place your doghouse in a shady area, so your dog has added shelter from the sun and its heat. If your climate is colder, you may want to place your doghouse close to another structure to aid in its protection from the elements. You will be able to find a number of dog house plans. In your search, don’t settle for just anything.

The natural inclination is to download some free dog house plans, but unless you are somewhat experienced as a carpenter, most of those plans won’t be of much help to you. Most of the free plans I have seen are much abbreviated in nature. Some contain only one or two pages of material, and have such small print, that you can hardly read any of the dimensions. If you are building your first doghouse, you will probably be best suited to buy some plans that show how to build a dog house step by step. It’s nice to have detailed instructions along with an understandable dog house blueprint.

Of all the different sized dog houses, it’s harder to find smaller dog house plans on the internet. It is much easier to find dog house plans for large dogs, since larger dogs are almost always kept out doors. If you also have a larger dog, we have a beautiful insulated dog house with a porch, which includes step by step instructions that would be perfect for you.

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When you’re reading this, temperatures may be blistering hot. Or, it may be a bitter cold. If the weather is mild now, there is a good chance it will become extreme soon. Time is running out. Get your 2012 plans now for how to build a small dog house, and good luck on your project!