Dog House Plans

Dog House Plans For Multiple Dogs 2012

All dogs are not meant to be inside dogs. When you want to keep your pets comfortable, but don’t want to keep them inside your house, it’s time to get them their own dog house. Better yet, build them a dog house. There is no better satisfaction than to build something special like this with your own hands. But, what if you have two dogs? You can do one of two things. You can build one larger dog house to house both together, or you can construct two separate dog houses, one for each. You can find plans for duplex dog houses, just as there are duplexes for people to live in. In this article, we will consider dog house plans for multiple dogs 2012.

If you find that building a dog house isn't for you, click here to buy a dog house along with all of your pet accessories. You can find everything from warm bedding to health supplies and training aids. When it comes to your dog, you want the best.

Depending on your skill level, you may be able to design your own dog house plans. Most would prefer purchasing plans that give step by step instructions on how to build a dog house.

Before beginning to build such a doghouse, you need to do some preliminary things. The first thing you should do is measure your dog. This determines how large you want to make your dog house(s). The same holds true with two dogs as it does with one. You want them to feel comfortable in their new home, but not too crowded. Depending on the size of your dogs, you may want to find dog house plans for large dogs. Ultimately you will need to come up with dog house blueprints, which give details on materials needed and the exact design you want.

Secondly, decide the best place to put this new home for your best friend. It is normally good if you can to place a dog house somewhere that will end up in the shade during the hot portion of the day. Also decide, based on your local climate, whether you need to insulate your dogs’ new home. If you live in some areas of the world, you may experience very extreme temperatures. Including insulation in your plans may be the smartest part of your design. Then you would want to look for insulated dog house plans.

When designing a dog house for multiple dogs, you may want to put up a dividing wall between each dog’s living quarters, or maybe you want them to sleep together. Some like to design the dog house so you can remove the wall between your two dogs. This gives some flexibility. If your design includes this, it must have some kind of hinged roof to access and remove this wall.

Another good reason for a hinged roof is so you can easily clean out their homes, and give them food and water. You can also create access doors on the sides to do these things. One goal in constructing your doghouse is to keep your dog dry and out of the weather. If you want to create a hinged roof, you will need a flat or slightly sloped roof. A roof with a peek in the middle won’t hinge very easily if you are going to use regular shingles on it. It is best when designing a dog house roof, to take into consideration there will be some rain and/or snow over the year. You want to be able to affectively shed that moisture off, and away from your pet. A sloped roof is needed to accomplish that. If water or snow, sit on top of the doghouse, you have a much better chance of developing a leak. Generally speaking, you need to keep the same things in mind when designing 2012 dog house plans for multiple dogs as you would in building a doghouse for only one dog. Good luck in your building project. Check this out if you’re also interested in other building projects. If you're a real hobbiest or DIY project person, click here to find 16,000 Woodworking Projects for home and yard.